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How to choose a good pipe fittings supplier in China?

How to choose a good pipe fittings supplier in China?

This should be the question that every international purchaser wants to know.

1. Looking for a factory
If you want to find a real factory, you need to know which parts of China are producing steel pipe,pipe fittings and flange.
The production areas of carbon steel pipe are tianjin, hebei, shandong.
In these three areas, you can fully meet all your steel pipe needs. Besides, there are other areas where steel pipes are produced, but they are relatively few factories.
The production areas of carbon steel butt welding fittings is mainly concentrated in cangzhou of hebei province. If you want to find the factory of carbon steel butt welding fittings, it must be right here.Most of the rest are traders.
The stainless steel pipe fittings are produced in wenzhou and cangzhou, and the factory in wenzhou is more than cangzhou.
The flange is produced in Shanxi and Cangzhou.their price and quality are nearly.
In addition to these areas, most of the other regions are traders.
You may find an interesting fact that you can buy all your products about pipeline in cangzhou, hebei province, China.We are Cangzhou Huayue Fittings Co., LTD. absolute factory.Welcome to your inquiry.
Of course, you can also find other factories in cangzhou, but there are also many traders in cangzhou, you need to distinguish carefully.Some people use big company signs to trick customers.When you come to China, he will take you to visit the big factory.but when you leave, he will go to the small factory to buy you a bargain.In fact, he is a trader.Every year many customers are deceived.
How can you avoid being cheated?Of course, it is the best way to buy pipe fittings from HUAYUE PIPE FITTINGS, and we can provide all kinds of high quality pipe fittings and flanges.There is also an industry insider that no factory can produce all specifications of steel pipe,pipe fittings and flanges, believe me.We also not all products produced by ourself, but we have strict quality control specification. The goods from HUAYUE, we can guarantee the quality of them.any of the defects in the quality of the products we offer a free return.
2. Quality
About the steel pipes and fittings, I think the quality problems that you often encounter are
1. False seamless as true seamless 2. The wall thickness is not thick enough 3. The dimension and material is not up to standard.

HUAYUE Pipe Fittings never cheat customer.

The customer need true seamless pipe fittings we provide seamless pipe fittings, customers need to welding pipe fittings we provide welding pipe fittings.

We will never betrayed my reputation for profit.

The wall thickness of HUAYUE pipe fittings will be produced according to the international standard every time. We will meet the standard of your expectation and won't deceive any customers.
Many factories offer the wrong size and material because they don't understand them. The HUAYUE Pipe Fittings has 20 years of export experience, so we can guarantee the products we provide to meet your requirements.
3.The price
A real factory can provide a good price.No middlemen make a difference.
We pursue the policy of small profit and profit, and you can get the best offer in Huayue Pipe Fittings.
4. The delivery time
A lot of buyers should have heard about the environmental policy in China recently.Unfortunately, the pipe,fittings and flange belongs to the industry of environmental protection.I hope you can understand that our latest delivery date will be longer than before.But in Huayue Pipe Fittings, We can guarantee the time stipulated in the contract.
I sincerely hope that you can give us a chance to start cooperation. Even if it is a small order, we don't make money and want to cooperate with you.I hope you can see our quality and our reputation.

Have a nice day.Wish you all the best!



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