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Insulating Pipe

Thermal insulation pipeThermal insulation pipe

Insulation pipe is short for thermal insulation pipe, insulation pipe used for conveying liquid, gas and other medium, in petroleum, chemical, aerospace, military, central heating, hot springs ~ such as central air conditioning, municipal pipeline heat preservation heat insulation engineering.

Introduction to use

Insulation pipe is suitable for conveying in - 50 ℃, 150 ℃ within the scope of all kinds of medium, it is widely used in central heating, cooling, and hot oil conveying and warm room, cold storage, coal, petroleum, chemical industries such as heat/cold engineering.

Steel sheath steel recombination
The insulation structure of steel sheath steel composite insulation pipe can be divided into two categories according to the sliding mode:
1, sliding inside: thermal insulation structure by working steel tube, aluminum silicate, drag reduction, microporous calcium silicate, insulating layer, stainless steel fastening tape, aluminum foil reflector, polyurethane thermal insulation layer, coat steel pipe, external anticorrosive coating.The internal sliding type insulation steel pipe is composed of steel pipe + composite silicate or microporous calcium silicate + rigid polyurethane foam + coated steel tube + glass steel shell antisepsis protective layer structure.All kinds of pipe fittings are mature and reliable.
2, outside sliding type: thermal insulation structure by working steel tube, glass wool insulation layer, aluminum foil reflector, stainless steel fastening steel belt, sliding guide bracket, air thermal insulation layer, protecting steel tube, external anticorrosive coating.
Polyurethane (pu)
The polyurethane insulated pipe is divided into three layers:
Thermal insulation pipe
Thermal insulation pipe
First layer: working steel pipe layer.
According to the design and customer's requirements, we usually choose seamless steel tube, spiral steel tube and straight pipe.After the surface of the steel tube is processed by the advanced shot-blasting technology, the rust grade of the steel tube can reach the Sa2 level of gb8923-1988, and the surface roughness can reach gb6060.5-88 standard R=12.5 microns.
Second layer: polyurethane insulation layer:
The rigid polyurethane foam concentrate is injected into the cavity between the steel pipe and the outer sheath with the high pressure foaming machine, which is called "tube foaming".
Layer 3: high density polyethylene protective layer:
Precast to a certain wall thickness of black or yellow polyethylene plastic tubing.Its function is to protect the polyurethane insulation layer from mechanical hard material damage, the second is anticorrosion, waterproof.

Performance index
Insulating tube structure
High temperature precast direct buried insulated pipe mainly consists of four parts.
(1) working steel pipe: according to the technical requirements of the conveying medium, the welded steel pipe with seam steel pipe, seamless steel tube and double-sided submerged arc spiral welded pipe is adopted.
(2) insulation layer: rigid polyurethane foam is used.
(3) protective shell: high density polyethylene or fiberglass.
(4) leakage alarm line: manufacturing high temperature, the prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe are close to the steel pipe insulation, embedding a warning line, once the pipeline leakage somewhere, conduction through the warning line, can be on the special detecting instrument alarm and show the leaking of accurate location and the size of the degree of leakage, in order to inform the maintenance staff quickly deal with a leaky pipe section, to ensure the safe operation of the heat supply network.
Insulation characteristics
High temperature precast direct buried insulation pipe - advantages.
1. It has strong corrosion resistance and waterproof capability, and low comprehensive cost.
According to the relevant departments of the measure, the double control heating pipes, usually can reduce the project cost 25% (using glass fiber reinforced plastic protection layer), and 10% of the protective layer (using high density polyethylene).
Low heat loss and energy saving.Heat loss is only 25% of conventional pipe.
Direct heat transfer coefficient 0.022kcal/m.h. hydrophobic rate 0.03kg/cm³
3 long service life
Proper installation and use can lead to a life span of 30 to 50 years, and maintenance costs are extremely low.
The construction of less land is conducive to environmental protection.
It can reduce the excavation volume of earthwork by more than 50% and reduce the construction and concrete amount by 90%.

Technical index of insulation pipe.

It is much lower than other commonly used thermal insulation pipe materials, and the insulation effect is increased by 4-9 times.The water absorption rate is very low, about 0.2 kg/m2.The low water absorption rate is due to the porosity of the polyurethane foam at about 92%.Low coefficient of thermal conductivity and low water absorption and thermal insulation layer and outside waterproof properties is good high density polyethylene or glass fiber reinforced plastic protection shell, changed the traditional cooking heating pipeline laying "wear wet wadded jacket" condition, the overall heat loss, greatly reducing the heating pipe network heat loss is 2%, less than 10% of international standards.

Anti-corrosion, good insulation performance, long service life.

The insulating tube is tightly bonded to the outer skin of the steel tube due to the rigid foam insulation layer of polyurethane, which can prevent the infiltration of air and water and can play a good anticorrosion effect.At the same time, its foaming hole is closed, the water absorption is very small.High density polyethylene shell and FRP shell have good corrosion, insulation and mechanical properties.Therefore, the outer skin of the working steel tube is hard to be eroded by outside air and water.As long as the pipeline internal processing water quality good, according to foreign materials, high temperature of prefabricated directly buried insulating pipe service life can reach more than 50 years, than the traditional cooking, laying overhead laying 3 ~ 4 times higher service life.

4.Small occupation, fast construction, favorable environment protection.

Don't need to directly buried heating pipeline laying large cooking, just put the insulation pipe buried underground, thus greatly reduces the project covers an area of, reduce earthwork excavated volume of about 50%, 90% decrease civil masonry and concrete.At the same time, the heat preservation pipe processing is parallel to the site excavation, which can shorten the construction period by more than 50%.

High temperature precast direct buried insulation pipe.

Safety system of heat preservation pipe.

Besides China directly buried insulating pipe production, there are leakage alarm line, once the pipeline leakage occurs, somewhere by the conduction of alarm line, can be on the special detecting instrument shows the position of the thermal insulation pipe water seepage, leakage and the size of the leakage degree, in order to notify the inspection personnel quickly deal with a leaky pipe section, guarantee the safe operation of the heating pipe network.The leakage alarm line at the end of the domestic production insulation pipeline needs to be filled up.

All in all, insulation tube not only has the traditional cooking and aerial pipeline laying incomparable advanced technology, practical performance, but also has significant social and economic benefits, is also a powerful heating measures.Adopting the technology of direct buried heating pipeline indicates that the development of China's heating pipeline technology has entered a new starting point.With the further improvement and development of this advanced technology, it is imperative to replace the trench and air supply pipe directly.

Current situation of the development of
The heat preservation pipe is an important factor affecting energy saving, and the development and application of the heat preservation pipe has been paid more and more attention in the world.Since the 1970s, the production and application of thermal insulation tubes have been paid more and more attention in foreign countries, aiming to reduce the consumption of energy greatly, thus reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse effect.Foreign thermal insulation industry has a long history, and new insulation materials are also emerging.1980 years ago, the development of thermal insulation pipe in China is very slow, one of the few insulation factory can only produce a small amount of directly buried insulating pipe underground, but China insulation industry after more than 30 years of efforts, especially after nearly 10 years of rapid development, many products from scratch, from single to diversity, from low to high quality, applied more and more common.Polyurethane material is the most commonly used thermal insulation material in the world.Hard polyurethane has many excellent properties, and is widely used in thermal insulation in Europe and America.About 49 per cent of thermal insulation materials in developed countries such as Europe and the us are polyurethane, compared with less than 20 per cent in China.Therefore, there is still a lot of room for the development of polyurethane insulation tubes in China.


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