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Manufacturing process of elbow

ASTM A234 WPB Buttweld Pipe Elbow

Manufacturing technology of elbow

Elbow is used for pipe turn a fitting, a 90 - degree Angle, 45 degree Angle, etc., may, according to the needs of engineering, manufacturing, different material and different pressure elbow manufacture craft is different also, so far, the commonly used seamless elbow bend production manufacturer production manufacturing hot pushing elbow, stamping elbow, squeeze the elbow, butt weld bend the elbow manufacture methods.Hot pushing elbow is seamless elbow to adoption of a process for manufacturing the elbow making machine, core mold and heating device, using a set of machine on the mould of billet in elbow push system run to front, under the impetus of the heated in the pipe run hole enlargement and forming process.Hot push bend deformation characteristics are based on volume before and after plastic deformation rule of metal materials determine the pipe diameter, when using the pipe, the pipe diameter less than the diameter of bend, in the process of pipe heat deformation, the compensation to other parts of the thinned by expanding diameter, so get the wall thickness of the elbow, which is pushing elbow manufacture process.Push machine push out of the elbow, beautiful appearance, uniform wall thickness can be continuous production and manufacturing, mass production can elbow push system, so the general carbon steel elbow, alloy steel elbow manufacture process is to choose a major production and manufacturing, and also applied in some of the specifications of the stainless steel elbow forming.Stamping elbow manufacture technology is applied in first batch production of seamless elbow molding process, in the elbow specifications usually used has been replaced by a hot pushing elbow, but in some types of elbow because production quantity is less, the wall thickness is too thick or thin.Products have special requirements is to use stamping production manufacturing process, in the process of stamping elbow forming, need diameter and producing good bend diameter is the same, use direct pressure molding press in the mold.Stamping elbow is divided into cold stamping and hot stamping more stamping elbow material manufacturing technology, stamping elbow manufacture process than pushing elbow, quality is better than the former appearance, stamping elbow outer arc in the tensile state during forming, no other parts compensate excess metal, so the outer arc of wall thickness thinning is about 10% or so.However, due to the characteristics of unit manufacturing and low cost, the manufacturing process of stamping elbow is suitable for the production of high pressure and thick wall stamping elbows.Using dedicated bend forming machine, extrusion elbow pipe to be included in the mould, after the upper and lower mould clamping, under the impetus of the push rod, tube billet model along the internal model and reserved clearance sports and forming process.Using die cold extrusion process inside and outside the elbow and good appearance, uniform wall thickness, size deviation is small, so the cold extrusion production process is suitable for the manufacture of the thin wall stainless steel elbow, the process of the inner and outer mold used high precision requirement;The wall thickness deviation requirement of tube billet is also strict.Butt welding elbow manufacture process of large diameter bend commonly used butt welding production process, the steel plate in the roll into the shape of a bend, then welding, after welding and then shoot to the elbow, large diameter bend, generally USES the butt welding elbow, butt welding elbow pretty appearance than other manufacturing process, but DN800 bend over other processes can't manufacture, will adopt the butt welding elbow production process.


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