What is the steel pipe truss

Steel pipe truss structure is a lattice structure composed of round rods connected at the ends of each other. Its cross-section is generally triangular and evenly distributed, and its stiffness and flexural and torsional bearing capacity are large, and its structure is simple and easy to construct. Pipe truss structure has excellent overall performance, beautiful shape and clear stress on each rod, especially suitable for large span space structure.

Advantages of tube trusses

1, space pipe truss structure rod using direct welding, simple construction, save steel. 

2. Simple structure and appearance, smooth lines and diversified spatial modeling. 

3, with good compression resistance, torsion resistance, overall stiffness is large, good geometric characteristics. 

4. The specific surface area of the steel pipe in contact with the atmosphere is small, and the joints are welded. There is no dead corner and concave where moisture and a lot of dust are accumulated, which is easy to clean, paint, maintain and rust prevention.

Limitations of tube trusses

1. The processing and lofting process of intersecting joints requires higher requirements, and it needs to cooperate with CNC machine tools, which requires higher processing and construction requirements of steel structures. 

2 nodes adopt welding mode, and its shrinkage should be controlled during welding, which has high requirements on weld quality. High-altitude welding has certain risks, and subsequent weld quality inspection is more troublesome.


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